"15 Things I Learned at BWRC"


Sherrice Thomas is a writer working on her first masterpiece entitled THE BALANCE FINDER, which is a tool for Christian women seeking to find balance according to God’s plan. In this guest post she shares a few things she learned at the 2009 Black Writers Reunion & Conference in Las Vegas.

Sherrice Thomas

Sherrice Thomas

15 Things I Learned at BWRC

By Sherrice Thomas, Writer on a Journey to Destiny

In the past, I simply wrote for fun. I was not concerned about editing, finding an agent or getting published. Then, one day, I had an epiphany: I could write for a living. Last year I attended the Black Writer’s Conference and Reunion (http://www.blackwriters.org/) in Las Vegas, Nevada—my first writer’s conference ever!

At the conference, I learned if I wanted to make writing my career, those things I was previously not concerned about needed to be added to my game plan. My prayer life and overall life philosophy changed as a result. Here are a few things I learned while gleaning from other writers at the conference.

1. You must be able to get along with people if you want to sell your books.

2. You must know how to write a query letter and book proposal.

3. You can advertise on your blog and earn a little extra cash on the side.

4. Weak character development equals a weak book.

5. In order to write full-time, it is a good idea to have multiple streams of income.

6. Self-publishing is hard work, yet can be lucrative if you properly market your book.

7. Publishing companies do not necessarily provide you with a marketing budget.

8. Editing and typesetting are keys to success.

9. Write every day.

10. You must be a reader to be a good writer.

11. All writers’ conferences are not created equal.

12. N. Kali Mincy has a great Fiction Writing Toolkit (www.coachgreatwriters.com).

13. Tia Ross is the hardest working woman in event planning and editing (www.tiaross.com).

14. William Patterson is a marketing genius (www.baronseries.com).

15. ReShonda Tate Billingsley (www.reshondatatebillingsley), Sophia Simmons (www.sophiasimmonsonline.com), Monique Mensah (www.moniquedmensah.com) and Donna Deloney are great writers.

After leaving this conference, I no longer see myself as a training consultant. I now see myself as a writer. I was born to do this and I plan to fulfill the dream. I am a writer on a journey to destiny. How about you?

  1. Sherrice returned home with a fire that ignited many of us aspiring writers. I’ve built my outline and have begun reseaching my first book. Because of Sherrice’s enthusiasm, I plan to attend this year’s conference.

  2. This is a great article! #1 could just be drilled into people. I cant tell you how many unhappy unpleasant writers try and sell books and they dont understand why you dont buy from them.

    Thanks for telling the truth!

    Dr. Wright
    Wright Place TV Show

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