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Spotlight on Dr. Linda Beed

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BWRC shines the spotlight on dual workshop facilitator, Dr. Linda Beed. Dr. Beed will be presenting Investment Writing and M.A.D. Writing (Making a Difference With Your Writing) at the 2012 Black Writers Reunion & Conference in Fort Lauderdale. What would you like attendees to know about you, your background, strengths, or interests that are not included in your bio? What I’d like people to kn... Read More »

Agent Pitch Session Appointments Now Available


Greetings writers, Scheduling has begun for the pitch sessions with literary agents Dawn Michelle Hardy and Janell Walden Agyeman. These one-on-one sessions will only be available to individuals registered for the full conference. Appointments are limited and must be scheduled in advance. The sessions will be held on Thursday, Aug. 30 and scheduling will be on a first come, first served basis. Onc... Read More »

#BWRC2012 Twitter Contest


Tweet your way to the BWRC! Write a short tweet and win a ticket to Black Writers Reunion & Conference 2012. This summer we will again run our Twitter contest, offering even greater prizes to tweeters. Our last Twitter contest invited the most creative tweets about the conference. This year, tweet using our #BWRC2012 hashtag on either or both topics below: Why you want to attend BWRC Why you w... Read More »

Live the Writer's Life AND Pay the Bills


Yes, you CAN write AND get paid. Renee Flagler will teach you how to successfully develop your writing career in a way that allows you to walk away from your current 9 to 5 in this Black Writers Reunion & Conference workshop. You’ll learn about an array of opportunities that enhance your professional writing life while honing your crafts. If becoming a full-time writer is your dream, mak... Read More »

Writing Comedy with Sister Betty Creator


You’re a “little left to center,” somewhat strange or often told you need therapy for that wacky gene that dominates your being. Perhaps you should parlay all that quirkiness into comedy writing. Being funny in print requires different techniques than humoring orally. This workshop will help you to filter through life’s funny moments to decide what to put on paper, discover and develop your ... Read More »

Format Your Book for eReaders


By year end 2012, at least 28.9 million eReaders are projected to be in the hands of 12% of adult Americans nationwide (source: eMarketer.com). Is your book ready for the millions of digital readers in the U.S. and around the world? In this three-hour hands-on workshop, you will learn how to format and upload a novel for publishing on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, Barnes and Noble’s PubIt and... Read More »

Weaving Real-Life Stories Into Your Novels The Ethical Way


Many authors, including this session speaker, weave real-life experiences, events, and people into their fiction. Depending on the degree of ‘real-life’ portrayed in a novel, it may be deemed ‘faction’ — fact and fiction. You’ll learn the key to successfully writing in this way with Dr. Heiss. You will leave this session with practical examples from the speaker’s research, writing, and ‘approvals’... Read More »

The Anatomy of a Bestseller


Anyone can claim it, but what makes your book a legitimate bestseller? How do you build a buzz that gets people talking and makes your book stand out from the rest? And how much weight does that “Bestselling” and “Award-winning” title really carry? We’ll explore all of that and more, as well as discuss legitimate lists and provide tips to get your book a spot on those lists. Other topics to discus... Read More »

Is Your Bio, One Sheet, About Page Web Noise?


What’s so special about you? Can you answer that honestly … in less than 30 seconds? This workshop will lead you through the anatomy of persuasive copy, offering guidelines with which bios, one-sheets and promotional postcards are effectively crafted. Learn to convey who you are as a writer in one succinct, powerful paragraph that will satisfy your web traffic and help you rise above the noise of ... Read More »

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