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Black Writers Retreat


Plans for the next Black Writers Retreat are currently under development, and the search is on for the ideal location. If you would like to be involved in this event, contact us. Read More »

Spotlight on Dr. Anita Heiss


BWRC shines the spotlight on four-time workshop facilitator, Dr. Anita Heiss. Dr. Heiss will be presenting Writing Faction at the 2012 Black Writers Reunion & Conference in Fort Lauderdale. Her workshop is designed for those who want to understand both the benefits of weaving real life stories and characters into their novels, using an ethical and creative approach while protecting themselves ... Read More »

BWRC Bulletin: 36 Days to BWRC 2012! Pre-Registration Begins 7/25; Twitter Contest Ballot Opens; BWRC 2012 on Video


BWRC BULLETIN Volume 7 · Issue 8 BLACK WRITERS REUNION & CONFERENCE 2012 August 29-31, 2012 WRITE TIME BLACK WRITERS RETREAT September 1-3, 2012 Fort Lauderdale, Florida Read More »

Black Literary Radio Talk Shows


Mondays @ 8:30 p.m. EST – KC Girlfriends Book Club Talk Radio The KC Girlfriends Book Club Radio Show is a radio program that supports new or underexposed AA authors with good books! KCGBC also holds panel discussions with sister book clubs from around the country and literary resources. Mondays & Wednesdays @ 8:00 p.m. EST – Black Author Network The Black Authors Network (BAN) is ... Read More »

Stacy Hawkins Adams Guides BWRC Attendees 'From Hobby to Career'


Come prepared to learn and to find yourself among kindred spirits. Writers are a unique bunch, in that not everyone understands what we do or why we do it and the focus and discipline it requires. It is great to be immersed in a sea of like-minded people, who "get" you and are there to encourage you and help you take your dream to the next level. Read More »

Spotlight on Gwynne Forster


If you have never attended a writers conference, list your needs as a writer and check the program well before you leave your place of residence so as to be sure and attend the session that will be of greatest benefit to you. If you want to meet an author or agent who is listed as attending the conference, contact that person in advance tell her/him why you want to meet with her/him and make an ap... Read More »

Presenter Hopes to be a Voice in the Wind


It is important that Christian believers show balance, redemption and conversion when we tell our stories. We want our stories to lead people to Christ; not have them walk away with scabs and wounds from church hurts. Our goal as faith-based writers should be helping our readers learn how to apply the Word of God to their own unique circumstances. Read More »

Brunson-Sarrabo: BWRC Helps Authors Take Flight

Why Attend BWRC

This is a great event to see Black writers, and soon-to-be writers, getting together to commence and relate to whatever struggles and adversities that may fall their way. It is so important to have a forum like this to really test our flight in bringing the goal at hand to reality. Taking that trip, and being open to an uplifting and educating experience, is the first step in removing that shell a... Read More »

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