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Registration Opens for 2015 Black Writers Retreat

Black Writers Retreat - Hyatt Palm Springs Black Writers Events presents not one, but two retreat programs to meet the needs of dedicated writers at the Hyatt Palm Springs Resort, an invigorating oasis resort in downtown Palm Springs, from October [...]

An Interview with Tia Ross, Founder of Black Writers Events

Tia Ross Tia Ross, founder and director of Black Writers Events, was recently featured among Women Making History in honor of Women's History month. In this insightful interview with Jeanette Hill, the discussion [...]

Writing a Novel In Under a Year

Black Writers - Write a Novel in Under a Year Make no mistake, writing and publishing a novel is no small feat. The elite class of people who have accomplished this — either by traditional or independent publishing — are few. Finishing your [...]

Best Software Programs for Writers

Great Dialogue writing software In this article we discuss several of the best software programs designed for fiction writers. These programs aim to help save writers hours of time in addition to offering a plethora of benefits that writers [...]

The Black Writers Family Mourns the Loss of Gwynne Forster

Gwynne Forster leading a workshop at Black Writers Reunion & Conference 2010 Atlanta Gwynne Forster, literary behemoth and longtime BWRC family, has passed on. Her best-selling and critically acclaimed works are lyrical brilliance, done with only the thoughtful flair of a seasoned [...]

Black and Write: The Full Documentary

Black & Write Documentary Film on Black Writers “’Black and Write’: An Inside Look at the African-American Writing Experience" offers an insightful look into the lives and struggles of contemporary, self-published Black writers. Filmed in part at the [...]

Resolutions for the Aspiring Writer

Start writing today We know the common New Year’s resolutions people make: lose weight, save money, get more organized. As a writer, you probably have at least one writing-oriented resolution. But, why not make your entire list [...]

Black Writers Retreat

Plans for the next Black Writers Retreat are currently under development, and the search is on for the ideal location. If you would like to be involved in this event, contact us. [...]

Spotlight on Dr. Anita Heiss

BWRC shines the spotlight on four-time workshop facilitator, Dr. Anita Heiss. Dr. Heiss will be presenting Writing Faction at the 2012 Black Writers Reunion & Conference in Fort Lauderdale. Her workshop is [...]
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