Spotlight on Dr. Linda Beed

BWRC shines the spotlight on dual workshop facilitator, Dr. Linda Beed. Dr. Beed will be presenting Investment Writing and M.A.D. Writing (Making a Difference With Your Writing) at the 2012 Black Writers [...]

Spotlight on Vonda Howard

BWRC shines the spotlight on workshop facilitator, Vonda Howard, book cover designer and author, and the owner of Cupcake Creative Studio. Vonda will be leading the Judging Your Book By Its Cover workshop on [...]

BWRC Spawns Pantheon Collective

Joining us for our first group interview is The Pantheon Collective, three writers who met at the fourth Black Writers Reunion & Conference in Dallas, 2006: James Lewis, Omar Luqmaan-Harris, and [...]

BWA & BWRC Veteran Anna Christian: From Past to Present

Anna Christian is an author, freelance writer, and educator who has been a member of the BWRC family since the very beginning. She is one of the original members of Black Writers Alliance, and she attended [...]

Kimberly Bibbs on BWRC, Haters & Chasers

Kimberly Bibbs attended her first BWRC in Las Vegas in June 2009 and shares highlights from her experience as well as some advice for anyone thinking about attending. She also talks about her first book, [...]

Marcie Eanes Finds New Comfort Zone at BWRC

Journalist Marcie Eanes stepped outside of her comfort zone to attend her first Black Writers Reunion & Conference in 2009 and will return in 2010 with her first book, SENSUAL SOUNDS. She joins us to share [...]

Monique Mensah: "BWRC = Tons of Resources & Connections"

Monique Mensah, author of WHO IS HE TO YOU, and principal of MAKE YOUR MARK EDITING SERVICES, shares her BWRC experience and offers an introduction to her book. When did you attend your first BWRC, and what [...]

Nakia Laushaul Finds Path to Her Dream at BWRC

Please meet Nakia Laushaul, author of THE TRUTH AS I SEE IT: IN POETRY & PROSE & 2010 BWRC "Write Some Cents Into It"  Workshop Presenter. Nakia joins us to discuss the Black Writers Reunion & [...]

Sophia Simmons Aspires Higher After BWRC

Sophia Simmons takes a few minutes to comment on her experience with BWRC. She attended her first BWRC in 2009. What is your most memorable BWRC moment? I learned a lot at the Black Writers Reunion & [...]

Tracie Christian Shares Achievements & Accolades for BWRC

Tracie Christian, author of THE BLACK COLLEGE SABBATICAL trilogy, co-founder of "Five Ladies of Literature" tour and Detroit's Coffee, ARTS & Entertainment Talk, on-air personality for, and [...]