Kimberly Bibbs on BWRC, Haters & Chasers

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Kimberly Bibbs attended her first BWRC in Las Vegas in June 2009 and shares highlights from her experience as well as some advice for anyone thinking about attending. She also talks about her first book, HATERS & CHASERS, which will be in print in time to accompany her to this year’s conference.

Has the Black Writers Reunion & Conference helped you to accomplish any writing goals?

BWRC helped me to accomplish a number of writing goals by providing top-notch workshops with presenters who are knowledgeable and who provided the resources to help me continue with my writing career. ReShonda Tate Billingsley’s advice on continuing to promote your own work has taught me that an author has to do more than just write to be successful. An author can have an awesome book, but if no one knows about it, the book won’t sell.

What was your most memorable BWRC moment?

The conference was well organized, informative, engaging and embracing all at the same time. I felt so comfortable in the atmosphere. Everyone was approachable and I felt no intimidation when asking for advice or getting opinions from any of the attendees or presenters. These are my most memorable moments. The only thing that I regret is that I did not come on the first day of the conference. What was I thinking!

Have you networked with anyone at the conference and has that contact continued?

I was fortunate enough to talk with Gwynne Forster, Sara Freeman Smith and Mack Smith. I met Nakia Laushaul when we were back in Houston and we corresponded through Facebook. We finally met face to face a couple of months ago. We have kept in contact and discussed various writing ideas.

Tell us about your upcoming book.

My first book, “Haters and Chasers will be available June 7, 2010.

Can you hate on a man for his money, and then leave him for the next rich man that comes along? Can you chase that one rich man for marriage purposes even though
you don’t love him?

Lita, Carole, and Arlene get tangled up in something that even money can’t get them out of.

These were once faithful women who became tired of being hurt. Believing that all men cheat, their one and only goal now is to go after the rich and powerful.

Justin accidentally stumbles onto what these women are doing. He has become tired of being played for his millions and would rather risk his life or take that of another than become a victim of a hater or chaser.

Where can someone get more information about your book or pre-order a copy?

Haters and Chasers is available at

What would you say about BWRC to someone who’s thinking about attending?

To anyone who is thinking about attending BWRC, step out on faith, attend the conference and you will definitely be motivated to put your talent to good use. You will meet people who can and will honestly tell you what is right with your work and what can be done to improve it. I can honestly say you will probably walk away with at least one friend who will be there to guide you through your journey of writing if you attend the conference.

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