Marcie Eanes Finds New Comfort Zone at BWRC


Journalist Marcie Eanes stepped outside of her comfort zone to attend her first Black Writers Reunion & Conference in 2009 and will return in 2010 with her first book, SENSUAL SOUNDS. She joins us to share her thoughts on BWRC and discuss her collection of poetry.

SENSUAL SOUNDS by Marcie EanesTell us about your book and other achievements since joining the BWRC family.

I’m very proud of my first poetry book, SENSUAL SOUNDS, which was officially published by IUniverse in January. SENSUAL SOUNDS explores love in five distinct sections ranging from The Beloved to Music. Many of the poems are signature pieces I read during my years as a spoken word performer. It took eight years, many tears, and patience before I finally held my book in my hands. That trial is another book in and of itself, but I hung in there. Hopefully, neither my novel or poetry CD will be filled with that many twists and turns.

Since SENSUAL SOUNDS has been released, I’ve performed at various venues and received great reviews. I’m currently getting ready to travel to book signings in several cities including Los Angeles and Philadelphia. I’m happy to announce that SENSUAL SOUNDS is part of a permanent local authors collection housed at my Marcie Eaneshometown public library in Racine, WI. I’ll be celebrating that fete with a book signing there in April. It’s such a thrill knowing the library I loved to visit as a child will always have one of my books. The fact that April is National Poetry Month and my birthday month makes it special too.

What is your most memorable BWRC moment?

There are so many memorable moments from the conference in Vegas. I’m an independent journalist who has worked on newspapers, had articles published in Essence magazine and worked on the volunteer committee for the first CHICKEN SOUL FOR THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN SOUL. The entire conference was a departure from my journalistic comfort zone, but I felt at home when the staff first greeted me. I also enjoyed mingling with conference attendees and presenters.

Have you networked with anyone at the conference and has that contact continued?

I’ve kept in contact with several people from the conference through Facebook. Amy Simmons, the first person who told me about BWRC, is one. William Patterson and I often speak about my future production goals which is important since the writing field is so unstable right now. Lutishia Lovely sends gentle reminders to turn my “book soup” of a novel into a real story. Rekeya Gibson has been a font of encouragement and information. She was one of the first to join my fan page, Marcie Eanes-Poetry.

What would you say about BWRC to influence someone who’s thinking about attending?

I’ve told several people whose interest range from playwriting to poetry about BWRC. My reporter friends, who are finding themselves displaced, are another group I’ve encouraged to explore other writing forms by coming to the conference. I would tell any first-time attendee to keep an open mind and step out of their comfort zone.

Where can someone get more information about your book or purchase a copy?

SENSUAL SOUNDS can be purchased at or, or meet me at any of the events listed on my Facebook fan page, Marcie Eanes-Poetry, for an autographed copy.

Anything else you’d like to add?

As mentioned earlier, I’m beginning the process of recording my first poetry cd, “Passion’s Embrace.” I’ve never done a poetry CD, so this will be another learning experience. And my romance novel is another challenge. I hope to have a detailed progress report about both soon. BWRC is fast becoming a place in which I look forward to stimulating interactions with creative people who are working on similar projects.

  1. For those of us who appreciate a great poetry collection, this is it. What has impressed me the most about the poetry in this book, is that it captivates a very familiar and comforting place that I miss most about “home”. The busyness that I experience on daily basis has a selfish way of blocking what’s most important in my life and I’ve found a way to relive those forgotten moments through Sensual Sounds: A Collection. This book and a great glass of wine after a long day’s work, I am strolling down memory’s lane with a combination of laugh-out-loud moments, tears and rediscovering childhood moments.

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