Monique Mensah: "BWRC = Tons of Resources & Connections"


Monique Mensah, author of WHO IS HE TO YOU, and principal of MAKE YOUR MARK EDITING SERVICES, shares her BWRC experience and offers an introduction to her book.

When did you attend your first BWRC, and what is your most memorable BWRC moment?

Monique MensahI attended the BWRC for the first time in 2009 in Las Vegas. My most memorable moment was on the first night. We had all gathered in the lobby of the Golden Nugget to get ready for the Fremont Street Experience Tour. I was nervous, being my shy, introverted self. I was afraid to talk to anyone or introduce myself until Marc Lacy initiated a game that forced us to get to know each other. That moment sticks out in my mind because it’s such a sharp contrast to how I felt by the time I left the BWRC three days later. On the last day, giving hugs and taking pictures, I felt like I had a group of new friends in a circle of a literary family.

Have you networked with anyone at the conference and has that contact continued?

Oh, yes! I have made so many friends and invaluable connections that I may forget to list a name or two. Nakia Laushaul, Sophia Simmons, Patricia Haley, Marc Lacy, Lutishia Lovely, Vincent Alexandria, Marguerite Benjamin Parker, Dasaya Cates, Cherlisa Starks-Richardson, Renee Flagler, Christie Michelle, and Tia Ross. I’m sure I am leaving out a few names, but each connection I’ve made, I’ve stayed in touch (mostly through Facebook). We’ve either given each other advice, sent referrals, done some kind of business, read and reviewed each other’s work, or something to help our fellow BWRC alumni. These relationships will last for years.

Has the BWRC helped you to accomplish any writing goals?

I collected a ton of resources during the 2009 BWRC. I came home with a long list of editors, printers, graphic designers, and typesetters. I have filed through this list as I draw nearer to the publishing process of my second novel. N. Kali Mincy’s workshop was one of the ones that stood out for me and helped me with my writing. I recently started a freelance editing business and many of the principles she taught during the workshop have assisted me in coaching my clients during the composition of their manuscripts.

Tell us about your book and other achievements since joining the BWRC family.

WHO IS HE TO YOU by Monique MensahI published my first novel, WHO IS HE TO YOU, shortly after the 2009 BWRC. WHO IS HE TO YOU is dramatic fiction with a little twist of suspense. A short synopsis is below:

Simone, Jessica, and Ryan are all fighting for love. But when love involves incest, self-mutilation, drug-addiction, and murder, will they continue fighting or will they escape before it’s too late? Experience their emotional journey through to the shocking end where they will experience injury, imprisonment, and death while crafting new lives from the ashes of their ruination.

The book has done well since its release, with great reviews, decent exposure, and word of mouth recomendations. I was just nominated for the AAMBC Author of the Year for WHO IS HE TO YOU. I was also chosen to write for a new television drama series that is being shopped to some major cable networks. In addition to working on my second novel, INSIDE RAIN, I started a freelance editing business for fiction manuscripts, MARK YOUR MARK EDITING SERVICES. I am steadily building my writing career and achiving my goals.

What would you say about BWRC to someone who’s thinking about attending?

I highly recommend the BWRC for anyone looking to start or maintain a career in writing. The worskshops were helpful and resourceful, but the biggest advantage is the connections and lasting relationships you will make with people who share your passion. I plan to become a regular attendee year after year!

Where can someone get more information about your book or purchase a copy?

Please visit my website,, to learn more about WHO IS HE TO YOU. In visiting the website, you will be able to read the first chapter in its entirety, watch the trailer, and read the reviews. You can purchase an autographed copy of the novel as well. The book is also available through,, Ebook and all other online retailers where books are sold.

Editor’s note: Congratulations to Monique for her AAMBC nomination along with Marc Lacy, Rekaya Gibson, and Lutishia Lovely as well as BWRC supporters Terra Little, Joey Pinkney, and Tyora Moody. Today is the last day to vote. Please take a moment to visit to review the nominees and send in your votes. Good luck to all finalists.

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