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Scriplit seeking authors to convert screenplays into ebooks

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Dear Authors,

My name is James West, and I co-founded www.titledoctors.com, a naming firm and subsidiary of www.semantixcreative.com, that has worked for Hollywood studios since 2007 to the present. I now rep sold and unsold screenwriters whose works deserve your attention.

While there are great screenplays, few and far between find their way to the big screen. Many of those screenplays would make good books, if the screenwriters knew how to write books, which they usually don’t. Therefore, I am seeking authors who would be willing to partner with screenwriters to adapt their screenplays into novella eBooks.

Under my new banner, Scriplit, I’d like to hire talented authors that (change that to who) will turn screenplays into eBooks for Kindle, Kobo, iPad and Nook. You’ll receive an advance fee to begin, co-author credit, plus 30% of all royalties (digital and print). The screenwriter receives 50% while Scriplit receives 20% for consultation, marketing and editing the eBooks.

If you’re interested, please contact me at: manager@industryvisionary.com or direct, 310-733-7559.

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  1. Markus
    September 7, 2012, 12:00 pm

    I have interest, I ‘even’ wrote many modern Shaft scripts as well, but I need to know if I also need my own copyright, like Library of Congress, since most of my work would be registered there.

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