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Write Time Black Writers Retreat September 1-3 2012Write Time Black Writers Retreat is a 2-1/2 day program immediately following Black Writers Reunion & Conference that offers attendees the peace and quiet to work productively on your writing in the calming surroundings of a beautiful beachfront resort. This retreat is about doing the work. Whether the work consists of the mental part of figuring out where the story is going, or what’s not working, or the pounding out of a rough draft, here’s your chance to escape and focus solely on your pages.

The retreat was created with the inspired attendees of the Black Writers Reunion & Conference in mind in response to their expressed frustration upon returning home eager to sit down and apply the skills and knowledge gained from the conference to their writing only to find their efforts thwarted with distraction after distraction. Open to anyone regardless of race, age, sex, or whether you attend or do not attend the conference, Write Time immediately follows the conference to allow motivated attendees the opportunity to leave the mundane details of your busy lives on hold for a few more days in an ambiance conducive to creativity and let the energy generated during the conference gain momentum and propel you toward achieving your goals.

The 2012 retreat is being held on Labor Day weekend, September 1-3, at the Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort & Spa, 321 N. Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304.

The retreat schedule consists of large blocks of unplanned, unscripted time for participants to write and get feedback, shared morning and evening meals, and morning and evening group sessions that include brief check-ins and progress reports. The retreat allows ample time for individual writing and thinking, punctuated by sessions with groups and conferences with facilitators.

Interested individuals have two options for attending the retreat. The program is geared toward emerging writers who currently have a work in progress, are serious about working on a piece of writing, and are not yet or only recently published or produced. Inexperienced or beginning writers or anyone wishing to take advantage of time to simply write and enjoy the resort may opt to attend the retreat as a Universal participant. Universal participants do not attend any of the group sessions and are not required to check-in with facilitators; however, Universal participants are free to attend the retreat kick-off, pair up with writing partners, join writing groups, organize readings, and other activities.

All participants may utilize the on-site literary services, which includes manuscript review, editing, and private coaching.

The cost of the retreat program is $359, which includes shared housing at the Westin for two nights plus five meals. Universal retreat registration is $69. For more information or to download an application or registration form, visit Write Time Retreat.

January 3, 2012 | News
  1. I would love to attend the retreat. Would you be kind enough to tell me how much is the conference? Also will you be taking payments as you have done in the past?

    • Hi Paulette. Yes, registration information for the conference will be posted within the next several weeks and payment plans will be available.

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